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Two anonymized case studies from our practice:
1. Company with 50 employees:
Before the consultation:
A German manufacturer of UV exhaust systems from the new federal states wanted to expand its market leadership. He therefore had a new production facility set up at a mechanical engineering company and the device development carried out on behalf of a second manufacturer. All of this came with high costs and high risk. 




After the R&D phase, the BMU promotes the initial construction of environmentally friendly, innovative industrial plants with the “Environmental Innovation Program”. In addition to the investment, a demonstration phase is also supported, in which personnel and material costs receive a subsidy.

  1. A grant of €900,000 was obtained for the manufacturing project.

  2. Tuee Research allowance was additionally reimbursed with a 25% subsidy on the external R&D product development costs of €240,000.

  3. Market leadership was significantly expanded.

2. Company with 1200 employees:
Before the consultation:
An international manufacturer of plastic injection molded parts for the automotive industry from the old federal states developed a new product range internally that we recognized as risky and that it was.


The costs were reimbursed at 25% per year in 2 years:

  1. The research allowance was compensated with a 25% subsidy on the external R&D costs with a total of €750,000.

  2. This increased the company's liquidity.

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