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ICP Plasma Torch Development


A Plasma torch (also known as plasma arc, plasma gun, plasma cutter or plasmatron) is a device for generating directed plasma flow. The plasma jet can be used for applications such as plasma cutting, plasma arc welding, plasma spraying and plasma gasification for waste disposal.

The species are:

Thermal plasmas are generated in plasma torches by direct current (DC), alternating current (AC), radio frequency (RF) and other discharges. DC torches are the most widely used and researched because compared to AC: "There is less flicker and noise, more stable operation, better control, a minimum of two electrodes, lower electrode consumption, slightly less refractory wear and lower power consumption".

Our ICP plasma burner development: 

New ICP  PLASMA BURNERS from KLILUX GmbH, all of our customers can now purchase the best PLASMA BURNERS on the market with an adjustable temperature from 500 K to 10,000 K.  They run on air.

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